Is your relationship breaking down?

There are so many reasons why personal relationships break down and the consequences are often more far reaching than we think. Our expert team of lawyers here at Lewis Rodgers can be depended on, to guide you through the financial and family aspects of your relationship breakdown, and to help you explore the best options available.

Making the right decisions during a period of enormous personal strain is not easy. We Will help you explore every aspect of your personal situation, to ensure your future interests are fully protected.

Separation. Sometimes is the only option.

Is your relationship breaking down? Sometimes, separation is the only reasonable and sensible route forward to a happier life. Legal separation is, in many respects, part of longer term legal process that may, or may not, lead to divorce. However, in law there is a difference between the two. Which is why our divorce and separation specialists are here to advise you on the crucial financial, taxation and family issues that may affect you, if you decide to pursue this route.

If you are at the end of a relationship, separating needs as much careful consideration as divorce. Our experts can advise you on the most appropriate route to take, at a time when your emotions maybe guiding your decisions rather than rational logic.

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End of a relationship

So what next? For many couples who have come to realise that sadly there is no more mileage in their relationship, the daunting question they face is what to do next. Monies tied up in property or other assets, often take precedence from a practical point of view. But where children and family are involved, there are a whole myriad of considerations to be addressed.

Looking into what may seem an abyss is often not as bad as it seems, and with Lewis Rodgers legal team by your side, we can help you map out a clear path that looks at the legal, financial and family aspects of your relationship breakdown. By working in close partnership, we can help you find a way forward. Protecting your interests and helping you make the best decisions. If your relationship has sadly come to an end – start as you mean to go on, plan a way forward with Lewis Rodgers legal team.

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