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Need to make a personal injury claim?

No matter how cautious we try to be, it’s a fact of life that accidents of varying size and scale happen to all of us at some point. However, the consequences can often be felt long after the event, and usually when both parties are still apportioning blame. Here at Lewis Rodgers our Personal Injury Claim team, Cheshire, is here to fully represent your interests and prepare a robust case that secures you compensation – and accurately reflects the emotional and physical traumas incurred by your accident.

Had a road traffic accident, in Cheshire?

Increased traffic levels, faster cars and busier streets mean that the chances of even the safest driver having a road traffic accident have sadly risen. However, the legal, financial and insurance consequences can be quite sobering which is why our road traffic accident team here at Lewis Rodgers Cheshire practice is here to ensure that your interests are protected in the ensuing post-accident negotiations.

No matter the size or scale of the accident, it’s critical that the correct evidence, witness statements, injury claims and medical documentation is collated swiftly and efficiently to ensure that the subsequent legal process moves forward unimpeded. Here at Lewis Rodgers Cheshire, our road traffic accident team is trained to pull together a wide pool of evidence to ensure that your personal, financial and legal liabilities are fully considered and defended within all the various points of legislation. Our road traffic accident team will not only prepare any case for prosecution or personal injury claims but will liaise with police and other parties to represent your interests at every stage until your case is fully resolved.

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Personal Claim Injury - Cheshire

Representing clients across Cheshire and beyond, our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers, at Lewis Rodgers, is here to give you the expert support you need, exactly when you need it.

Our Personal Injury Claim experts, Cheshire, will fully assess the merits of your personal injury claim with regard to prevailing health and safety legislation. Making sure your case is robust pre court. Objective, technically assured and probing, our personal injury lawyers will give you a fair and honest assessment of the veracity of your case and will only proceed where they consider you to have a sound basis for compensation.

Did you know that health and safety in the workplace, or in any public place is the ultimate responsibility of the employer or owner of the premises/area? That’s why our Cheshire based personal claim injury specialists are dedicated to helping our clients pursue that which they’re owed - should they suffer an injury due to something that wasn’t their fault. The fact is, personal injury legislation exists precisely to protect people from negligence.

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