Dependable Divorce Law Specialists

At Lewis Rodgers our team of divorce law specialists are trained to look at the wider picture, beyond the core legal issues affecting your separation. After all, protecting your interests is not just about your possessions and financial assets, but about your emotional and family considerations too. While divorce law has become increasingly complex, it will always remain an emotionally charged legal exchange of instructions. Thatís why weíll support you along the way, ensuring we achieve the very best outcome for you. One which is amicable and mutually respectful of all parties. Divorce law at Lewis Rodgers - discreet, dependable and dedicated.

Lewis Rodgers - The Family Law Experts

Our families are our most important possession. Which is why, here at Lewis Rodgers, family law is an area of expertise, in which we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled representation - matched by an empathetic understanding of the unique human dimension of every case. Our team of family law experts are here to discuss not just the legal aspects of your family issues, but to help you consider the emotional and human aspects of your case. Providing an objective eye, our family law team has a wealth of experience dealing in a wide range of issues, from matrimonial disputes and child access, to exclusion orders and child protection. Ask to speak to one of our dedicated family law solicitors on 01606 861 858.

Looking for a Divorce Solicitor?

When a relationship has reached the point of no return, and every conceivable attempt has been made at reconciliation, your next step needs to be obtaining an objective perspective from a specialist divorce lawyer. At Lewis Rodgers our divorce solicitors are here to provide you with some fundamental practical considerations, as well as the more specific legal guidance necessary to protect your interests.

As one of our clients, youíll be allocated a dedicated divorce solicitor, whose primary objective is to understand the fine detail of your affairs. So that your interests are fully protected at every stage of the process.

Preparing legal documentation and providing an ongoing dialogue with your estranged partnerís lawyers, our aim is to maintain, wherever possible, a positive and non acrimonious progression towards a positive conclusion - protecting your financial and emotional interests at all times.

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